Agreement Sample For Export Sales Contract

[Option [delete, if unenforceable or unenforceable under contract law – 16.1 “Force majeure” means war, In the event of an emergency, accident, fire, earthquake, flood, an industrial strike or other obstacles that the party concerned considers to be beyond its control and which it could not reasonably have expected to have considered, avoided or overcome the obstacle at the time of the contract`s conclusion. 14.1 This contract enters into force at the time of its signing (or at the time of signing by the contracting parties on several dates) and continues for an indeterminate period. Each party may terminate this contract at any time by communicating a [number] of months in writing to the other party. 3.6 The unwarranted refusal of offers/markets by the client is considered a breach of contract. The buyer agrees to accept and keep the software and documentation confidentially under license. The purchaser undertakes to take, by order, agreement or other means, with the staff of the purchaser or agent or any other person authorized to access licensed software and documentation, to take appropriate steps to inform these employees, agents or other persons who may contact him of the confidentiality of the software and documentation; and to fulfill its obligations under this software license with respect to the use, copying and protection and security of licensed software and documentation. The license of the software and the rights granted by the seller to the buyer under this file are for the personal buyer. Licensed software and documentation cannot be sub-conceded, transferred or loaned to third parties without the Vendor`s express written consent, except that the purchaser may transfer the software and documentation granted in connection with the resale of flight equipment or test devices provided by the Seller in which the licensed software and documentation are installed or used. Such a transfer authorization is conditional on the resale or transfer of the Buyer`s agreement to use and protect the software and documentation granted under the same conditions or conditions as in this software license. However, the buyer will inform the seller in writing of the software transfer and licensed documentation.

12.3 The commission is calculated in the currency of the sales contract on which the commission must be paid, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. “The distributor is responsible for all costs incurred by the distributor for the performance and performance of the obligations and obligations of the distributor arising from this contract, including, but not limited to,: (a) the costs associated with fulfilling its obligations and responsibilities in accordance with Section 4; (b) the costs, expenses and salaries of staff related to the establishment and maintenance of its distribution organization and offices; (c) advertising and transportation costs; and (e) all taxes, duties, tariffs or taxes that can be imposed on the merchant in the territory.” The export agreement provides a complete selection of the current 11 international trading conditions (called Incoterms), a complete description of each (so you can make a decision that suits you best).